Wind and Fire Soap Company was founded in 1995 when Victoria started learning the art of making soap. After she had her daughter(me) and learning the unnecessary and harmful chemicals that are found in everyday products, she became a certified aromatherapist and herbalist. Although the company name has changed over the years, her mastery of skincare and aromatherapy has only grown. My mom and I now run the company together and continue to grow and evolve our products.

The name Wind and Fire came from the idea of these two elements, our respect for earth, and the amazing things we can do with ingredients put here. Fire cannot exist without wind but it has the power to destroy and rebirth. The element of wind represents the spirit and often is associated with a divine presence. We think this embodies what we try to do when you use our products: Renewed, uplifted and divine.

We use only natural, simplistic ingredients. We do not use and fake colorants or dyes. Only clays and micas. Our products are scented with only plant based essential oils with no other compounds in them.